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Most people do not know this but HALEO started in Japan in 2005 out of necessity.  Back then we were producing a brand of products and importing into Japan.  After the first batch of products, the next did not test out to the quality levels required for import into Japan and we had to dump them, taking a loss that almost caused us to go under.

I knew the only way to ensure the highest possible quality oversee every step myself so we shifted manufacturing here to Japan.  Many years of learning about the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship has resulted in a brand that is popular with the most quality conscious consumers in the world. Now I am excited to partner with my good friend Joey to bring this extreme attention to detail to the rest of the world with an International twist.  
I hope that you enjoy using HALEO premium products as much as we enjoy creating them!
David Halton



We realize how difficult it can be to choose the right product to help you achieve your results and we want to make it perfectly clear that we value and appreciate your support immensely.  We are going to take some liberty and make some opinions about you.  And that is that we share some things in common. Your desire to evolve has brought you to this website and this tells us you are someone who wants more than the run of the mill supplement and more out of life.  If you want to experience your own unique form of greatness, then you are like us.  You have taken action and true power is in decisions you have made and you chose wisely in HALEO. Extreme caution has be taken to bring to you a product that meets label claims and that is free of banned or illegal substances and contaminants.  We also take great pride in offering you real ingredients, real doses formed with real science and passion so you can get the results you desire.  Please browse our site for tips and information in your pursuits. With each HALEO product you get a little bit of us.  We hope you enjoy the experience of using our products as much as we enjoyed designing them just for you!
Joey Rodrigues

Joey has over 20 years experience in the sports nutrition industry.  He has formulated some of the industries hottest supplements and introduced many of the most cutting edge ingredients the industry has seen over the past 10 years.  David and Joey founded MAN Sports in 2003 and their partnering here with HALEO promises to their greatest venture yet. 


Our mission is to help empower, stimulate and assist everyone we connect with to achieve a higher level of physical and mental health, confidence and success. We believe optimal nutrition with an active lifestyle is the cornerstone of total health and HALEO is our little way of contributing to a better world. 


Here at HALEO, we choose to use this line from the epic film Gladiator as our everyday reminder to never settle for just “good”.  Simply put, we are driven to create something in this lifetime that our children, our parents and our team can be proud being a part of.  We realize that this takes extraordinary effort, sacrifice and risk but believe it is better to fail at something we love than to succeed at something that is not true to our hearts.  Our philosophy transmutes into HALEO through every step of our craft.  We are not interested in being just another supplement brand knowing that we could have used higher quality ingredients, better Quality Control, better design and less deceptive advertising.  Instead, we prefer our [Echo In Eternity] to be our spirit of demanding the best out of everything in life - without compromise. 


HALEO was formed by two friends who have combined over 20 years of experience in the sports supplement industry.   After spending so much time behind the scenes, we became disappointed by the lack of ethics and skeptical of the quality of so many of the products out there.   When we were younger, we were less hesitant about ingesting things that were made in countries with known quality control problems but as we got older, we learned we wanted products that we were 100% confident about feeding to our own children.  We knew the only way to guarantee the quality we demanded was to do it ourselves.  Now, with every premium HALEO supplement, we can proudly claim:
1) Safety / Quality – Every one of our products is manufactured in GMP certified facilities.  This guarantees the most stringent quality control procedures bringing you a product you can trust to meet label claims and be free of harmful impurities.

2) Products free from banned substances – Every one of our products is further analyzed by Informed-Choice guidelines to ensure there is no banned substance contamination.  This allows our tested athletes to use HALEO with full confidence. 

3) Results - All of our products are formulated and dosed using evidence based, naturally occurring nutrients with the help of our International team of respected medical doctors and researchers.  Above all, our products are about providing maximum nutritional support for your active lifestyle and overall health.

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