2015-05-22 08:40:45

I love lifting weights, I really do.

There’s nothing else like it – a passion that builds you mentally and physically is the best kind of hobby.

And of the weight lifting disciplines, I’d definitely say I’m a bodybuilder.


Because my main goal is to get the best physique I possibly can.

No I haven’t stepped on stage, perhaps I will in the future, but I would still consider myself a bodybuilder.

As Dorian Yates in a recent Muscular Development article stated:

“Anyone who lifts weights specifically with the goal of changing his or her appearance by means of gaining muscle and losing fat can be called a bodybuilder.”

Of course, I try to lift as heavy as I can and increase my strength, but I would never consider myself a powerlifter.

But for years powerlifting and bodybuilding have been close sports, and it’s often a case of “I’m better than you” from some of my powerlifting friends, which can get frustrating.

Yes, I applaud you for your sport, and, yes, you can lift more than me, but being able to lift the most on compound moves just isn’t my main goal.

One thing bodybuilding and powerlifting do have in common is that you train in a gym, and you build yourself.

You will become bigger and stronger in either discipline, and that has made them very closely related, which is easy to see at big expo’s where they usually focus on both.

And then there’s Crossfit.

Crossfit WTF?

Crossfit has quite a bad reputation throughout the bodybuilding and powerlifting communities due to, well, quite simply, the lack of ‘building’.

Looking at it from our side, it seems like people who Crossfit just don’t make any ‘progress’ in the traditional sense, i.e. they don’t look bigger or stronger.

This excludes some of the pros who are pretty fucking jacked, but they are doing it nearly full time.

And for this reason we mock Crossfitters, saying their sport is stupid.

I mean, why would the average bro do Crossfit for 12 months and make progress only on his ‘snatch’ (#homo), when he could be in the gym pumping iron, getting mad ripped jacked and tan? (#nohomo).

But let’s remember my initial comparison to powerlifting and bodybuilding, and what Dorian Yates said about what makes a bodybuilder, and we see that it’s all about goals.

The GOAL of Crossfit is to get good at Crossfit, simple as that – because it is a competitive sport.

Just like you wouldn’t want to get big and ripped to play pro tennis, Crossfit is more about overall fitness and being good at the sport of Crossfit.

Testing the waters

So with this in mind at all times, I headed to Reebok Crossfit Thames as part of Reeboks ‘Be More Human’ campaign to try out a basic Crossfit class.

During the class we did a workout of the day (WOD) which I assume they do, erm, every day, which involved:

  • As much rowing as you can do in 4 minutes
  • As many burpees in 2 minutes as possible