ANIMAL STAK NEW-Complete Anabolic Hormone Stack


Complete Anabolic Hormone Stack

A comprehensive, and natural, anabolic and performance supplement to help men build lean muscle. Including our Pro Testosterone Complex, this formula is packed with ingredients like maca root extract and eurycoma longifolia to boost natural testosterone levels so you can experience increased muscle mass, strength, energy and vitality.

  • Natural hormone booster supplement with Tribulus
  • Naturally enhances output of testosterone and GH with 5 unique complexes
  • Helps block estrogen with ingredients like Resveratrol
  • Better pump and blood flow plus improved body composition from intensified GH levels


Animal Stak’s “Growth Hormone Support” is the complex that directly involves your body’s natural growth hormone (GH) output. With intensified GH levels, one could expect better pump and blood flow along with increased muscle fullness and improved body composition (more muscle, less fat).

Animal Stak’s “Hormone Amplifying Blend” is essentially the “gasoline on the fire” in this inferno. Lead by Carnitine, Agmatine Sulfate and Astaxanthin among other ingredients, this blend may help enhance both the Testosterone boosters and the GH elevation. The intensity of this product is largely available due to this unique and important complex.