GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete – Blue Raspberry Flavour



Experience muscle expansion like never before with the GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete. It is formulated with 10g of all the nine essential amino acids and two important non-essential amino acids to offer complete amino-acid fuel for your muscles to feed on. This rich amino profile boosts your body’s anabolic performance to swiftly help build muscle tissue and lean mass. The BCAAs in the formula are set at the 2:1:1 ratio, which is perfect for providing optimal conditions to maximise muscle gains and strengthen immune system. The amino acids are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to expedite muscle recovery and delay fatigue.

GNC’s EAA powder also contains 100mg of Caffeine that improves blood circulation and nutrient flow toward muscles. This improved flow amplifies the muscles’ functional capacity to perform better. The caffeine also acts as a stimulator to help you stay focussed during workout. The potent amino acids are complemented by 2mg of Vitamin B6 that refills its depleted reserves for maintaining the workout rhythm. Furthermore, this EAA formula has added 220mg Potassium to replenish the used-up electrolytes for keeping each muscle cell well-hydrated. These muscles would then contract and relax smoothly without developing soreness. GNC’s EAA supplement comes in delicious flavours that would delight your taste buds with every sip. Plus, it contains zero added sugar for healthy consumption.

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