MUSCLETECH™ MASS-TECH™ EXTREME 2000 (3 KG)- Vanilla Milkshake Flavour


Prepare to strive for extreme gains with the advanced mass gainers. In every serving of Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000, you’re looking at 30g of protein, over 200g of carbs, and over 1000 calories – including 3.2g of L- leucin*, 1.5g of creatine, and added vitamins and minerals. Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000 has everything you need to push towards bigger muscle size and strength goals.

For those individuals that need a performance gainer to support the energy required for heavy work activity, Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000 delivers like no other. In every 7-scoop shake mixed with 600mL of skim milk, you will have the building blocks you need to pack on muscle! The cutting-edge formula delivers enough BCAAS, including L-leucine, to amplify protein synthesis3,4.

In fact, in a ground-breaking study, L-leucine was shown to help subjects increase their 5-rep max strength by over 40% in just 12 weeks5. No mass gainer is complete without creatine! 7 scoops of Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000 also include a 3g dose of creatine to help increase strength and boost training performance2.

Reignite your weight-gaining goals with a great-tasting, protein-packed mass gainer that delivers clean carbs and calories. One serving of Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000 delivers over 1000 calories and over 200g of carbs through a carb complex, to spike insulin levels and promote muscle glycogen replenishment6.

This ultimately helps creatine reach your muscles and puts your body in an anabolic state. In a university study, subjects who added 2000 calories (found in 7 scoops of Mass-TechTM Extreme 2000), to a high protein diet and a weightlifting program gained 6.8lbs of mass (vs 1.31b in the control group.)1. Drink up, maximize your potential, and take your results to the extreme!

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How do I take this?
Mix 1 serving (3.5 scoops) with 300mL of cold water or skim milk in a shaker cup or blender.

When should I take this?
Take one serving a day. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Why is my bottle half full?
Our powders are filled by weight, not volume. Through the manufacturing process, some functional space is necessary, and some settling can occur after filling. Rest assured the exact number of servings found on the label is what’s in the tub!

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