Restore & Replenish – Plasma Glutamine
Glutamine comprises as much as 50% of the total free amino acid found in your muscle and during training it’s used for various metabolic functions, including producing energy. In fact, a hard training session can result in a significant decrease in plasma glutamine concentration, Up to 30%. Glutamine also serves as a primary cellular fuel source. That’s why we’ve designed Platinum 100% Glutamine as an added edge for your toughest training session.

Post Training Recovery Support
Glutamine has many important physiological functions in the body such as playing a vital role in supporting protein synthesis.

HPLC-Tested & Ultra-Pure
Each serving contains 5g of premium glutamine with no fillers or additives. It’s HPLC-tested and verified.

Great Mix Factor
MuscletechTM Platinum 100% Glutamine is flavorless and odorless, mixing easily with your favorite drinks, protein shakes, and smoothies. Incorporate into your training regime and enjoy the results.

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How do I take this?
Take 1 serving (1 scoop) in water or your favourite beverage. Consume 2 servings daily for best results.

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